Staircase Towers

These units are a safer alternative than Ladders and steps on narrow stairs and can be erected by one of our advanced PASMA trained operatives. Staircase Towers are a perfect maintenance tool for painters, decorators, electricians, sign fitters and all other types of trade.

Stairwell Access Unit

FStairwell Access Unitor safe access on both industrial and domestic stairwells.

The basic stairwell pack provides a platform level of 2.7m from the lowest step.

The unit is 0.7m wide, and features special narrow base plates, adjustable legs and non-slip platform boards.

Easy access from both sides of the stairwell unit to the platform is provided by a walk through ladder frame. Simply walk through the frame and climb the ladder.

This frame design solves the access problems experienced on narrow and domestic staircases.

Integrated access frame so access on the staircase can still be obtained.

Optional Extras Include

  • Extension pack to raise the platform level from 2.7m to 4.20m from the lowest step.
  • Aluminium Toeboard assembly.
  • Additional side props for extra support on narrow applications.


Stairpod 500 Podium

Stairpod 500 PodiumThe unit has been designed to provide a safer way of working on staircases, providing a platform level of 0.5m

For all of those applications that are just out of reach, the Stair Pod is the answer!

Allowing stable, safe access whilst working on a staircase’s this unit is ideal for 1 man use & rapid access.

This unit is also suitable for use on flat ground, providing platform levels of 0.25m & 0.5m

Unique Features

  • Platform area ideal size for one man and tools.
  • The unit is fitted with adjustable plates, ideal for any staircase.
  • Non slip platform board.
  • Gated access to allow ease of entry and exiting to and from the unit
  • Stabilizers included with every unit


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